Second day of strike at RENFE with three AVE trains and several suburban trains suspended in Alicante Terminal | Radio Alicante | Present

On the second day of the strike called by the Spanish Union of Machinists, SEMAF, Renfe assures that the minimum services are being met in Alicante and speaks of “normality”, but the truth is that only at noon there were already a dozen routes canceled, yes, in the vicinity.

Journeys to San Vicente and Murcia that in some cases have even forced passengers to get off the train after twenty minutes of waiting.

Comprehensive with the demands of the train drivers and with the need to reform the railway network, many travelers from those neighborhoods did show annoyance at “the lack of respect for users” as they were not notified once they arrived at the station.

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In the morning, as planned, both the AVE at 9.40 and the next one at 14.43 were suspended. This afternoon the AVE at 19.10 will not circulate either.

Renfe informs that cancellations and ticket changes will be free of charge and that more than 265,000 personalized communications have been sent to inform of all these possible effects.

The strike will resume on Monday 4, with the AVE at 2:43 p.m. already canceled, and will continue on October 5, 8, 9, 11 and 12, in the middle of the El Pilar bridge. The workers call for the recovery of the trains suspended as a result of the pandemic, the integrity of the Railway, the recovery of the workers and a dignified public railway service.

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