Second hand for children and teenagers

There are many good reasons Buy second-hand clothes for children. Children outgrow their clothes quickly, so there is very little wear and tear on things. Since the garments have already been washed several times, any possible harmful substances have already been washed out of the clothing.
And brand-conscious bargain hunters can buy chic things from us at low prices …

our range consists of carefully selected second-hand children’s clothing in sizes 56 to 170. There are also colorful accessories, well-preserved shoes, beautiful and tried-and-tested toys, exciting children’s books, interesting CDs and cassettes, the latest maternity fashion and much more. Children’s bicycles and brightly colored scooters are often parked in front of the shop, waiting for new owners. We are happy to accept beautiful seasonal and freshly washed children’s clothing from you. In order to avoid long waiting times, our acceptance of goods is only possible by appointment! We are looking forward to your visit. Enjoy browsing…

dwarven uprising, Second-hand children’s stuff. Large selection for boys and girls.
Lisa Käding, Lappenbergsallee 29, 20257 Hamburg, Phone: 040 / 65 86 89 01
E-Mail: [email protected]

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00 a.m. – 6.30 p.m., Saturday 10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m

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Second hand for children and teenagers

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