Second Life comes to tablets and smartphones after 20 years – IT Pro – News

Surprisingly few tweakers who have turned out to be stayers, according to me from the comments! Well, I think that the activity and profitability of Second Life was and is rather underestimated by the masses… indeed it has completely faded into the background (did it ever really get off the ground at the beginning of this century? mwah), nevertheless there is always a large group of old avatars remained active (including mine), and new people continued to join over the years, often via-via.. others came back after years of inactivity, after drastic improvements were made several times. Let Linden Labs slide; was talking about it with someone there last week.. people are crying out about paying €80 for a game.. but such amounts go through every week with many Second Life residents.. there are thousands of users with multiple mesh bodies and heads (yes, these have to be purchased separately if you want to pimp your avatar up-to-date), and to give you an idea, for the common mesh body and head you will spend about thirty euros together. Then it has to move a bit cool (animation override, etc. approx. 10,-) and perhaps walk around dressed where each item costs 1-5 euros .. “who does that?” .. well, thousands of people every day, so. Not to mention land and renting/buying it. In other words, Second Life was never really gone and in the background has innovated enormously in the field of online graphics, cross-platform media, VoIP, etc.

Edit: And I’m sure many Second Life users will try out the mobile version. I’ve noticed that in recent years anyway, that people in Second Life communicate much more often with their network there via their mobile (be it by means of discord, facebook, or even Lumiya).. so there seems to be a growing need.

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