Congolese authorities said on Saturday that they are now facing a "second wave" of the Ebola epidemic of "magnitude" not yet determined in Beni (North Kivu), in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. of Congo.
   "Beni is witnessing a second wave of the Ebola outbreak. The extent of this is not known at this stage. The epicenter, which was in Mangina, is today in Beni, "said Dr. Oly Ilunga, Congolese Minister of Health, during a press conference.
   "This second wave is the result of community resistance to the response, dead cities, insecurity and weak collaboration of traditional practitioners in response activities while on the front lines," said Dr Ilunga.
   Currently 16,202 people have been vaccinated.
   "The epidemic in Beni is high risk (…) and the situation remains worrying until all these factors" have found appropriate answers, he added.
   Two new cases are confirmed in Beni, according to updated statistics Saturday from the Ministry of Health bringing to 207 the total number of cases reported in the region, including 172 confirmed and 35 probable.
   During the day, the Minister of Health had indicated that since the declaration of the epidemic on August 1, "a total of 77 cases were recorded including 69 confirmed cases and 8 probable cases in the city of Beni alone".
   Fifteen deaths have been recorded among confirmed cases in Beni since the beginning of the week, according to an AFP calculation using the daily epidemiological bulletins of the Ministry of Health.
   The Minister was pleased that health personnel working in an area occupied by a local armed group could be trained to respond to the population.
   Ebola control operations were disrupted in Beni by "resistance" from residents of certain neighborhoods. They were also suspended a few days after an Allied democratic force (ADF) militia attack in an eastern suburb of Beni on September 22, which killed about 20 people.



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