Secondary School 2: project for specialization in music


He himself would be starting in the next school year. It is a project to transform the school, currently oriented in music in the upper cycle, to specialization in music from the first year

Yesica Saint Lary, director of Secondary School 2, presented the educational proposal for next year, which includes a project: to transform orientation into music in specialization.

For this project, we have the new building that would be completed by the end of this year, and the specialization would mean having specific subjects from the first year.

“The building is going well,” he said, “we hope to have the work completed in December, which will make it possible to continue working on music with this proposal that depended on these spaces. This will enable us to work, from the 1st year, with exclusive music subjects” .
The work is well advanced, it is the re-functionalization of the administrative space and three new classrooms and bathrooms are being built. Then there will be a later work, where four more rooms will be built on the upper floor.
Valeria Kittler, Artistic Inspector, added that the project is a specialized school in art, live musical performance, popular music. The changes would imply a greater workload (about 10 hours per year for each specific subject).

In addition, they indicated that today the secondary school only in the upper cycle has orientation in music (from 4th year), and in case of being a specialized school they would already have it from the first year.

“It is to put cultural value in the training of the student, it allows to have specific subjects in music; with learning or content that is currently being worked on from the fourth year, in the first year. It allows to deepen the knowledge” they highlighted.

Ezequiel Suarez, in charge of the upper secondary subjects, musical language and music production project (4th and 6th year respectively), pointed out that it seeks to “deepen content and be specific early on.”

“There are spaces to deepen instruments, personal tastes in them, singing. It is a deepening and sustained throughout the 6 years.”
“Part of this project arises from having instruments in the school – indicated the Director -. They can access to learn within the classes and work together is sought, that each one of them is part of something that can be shown in public for example “.
They also mentioned ensemble matters, where various harmonic instruments, guitars, ukuleles, pianos, percussion with drums, bass drums are used. And among other projects, they also work with Argentine music and folklore.

“The training is comprehensive, that is the objective, that each one can choose. As of the next school year, the proposal is the specialization, with the same subjects plus that plus in music.”

For this project to advance, it depends on other levels and that the building work progresses at a good pace, but Saint Lary assured that “the conditions are in place.”

Finally, they invited you to come to the establishment, entering Calle Sáenz Peña, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to learn about the proposals and make inquiries, since the registration period is open.