Seconds to Beat Sister to Death, Fourth Runner Runs to Hospital Page all A teenager in Palembang, South Sumatra with the initial MR (16) had the heart to bully his own adopted brother, Khairuddin Subatra (33), Friday (6/5/2020).

As a result of the hijacked by his younger brother, Khairuddin was dying and killed.

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His brother proposed his brother’s name

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The incident began when MR was contacted by one of his colleagues Rohmadon Irwansyah (25).

Rohmadon contacted him to steal a motorcycle. Rohmadon admitted that he was in debt of Rp800,000.

I don’t know what went through MR’s mind, but he instead suggested they steal Khairuddin’s motorcycle that his brother didn’t.

They both agreed and planned a hijacking action targeting brother MR.

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Lie with a job opening

MR and his colleague Rohmadon then lied to Khairuddin.

Both of them came to the victim’s house with a mode of notifying a vacancy.

Long unemployed, Khairuddin believed in the two young men.

“Then we invite to meet with people who want to give him the job,” said MR actors, Thursday (07/02/2020).

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Stabbed to death and killed

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Their actions were carried out while on the way, precisely at Jalan Naskah II, Lorong Padi, Sukarami, Palembang.

“Initially our victim asked to get off the motorcycle, but he did not want to. Rohmadon immediately stabbed him in the back, after that he fell. He was indeed my adopted brother,” said MR.

The victim was suddenly stabbed by the suspect using a sharp weapon until it collapsed.

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Four were taken to the hospital and then returned Illustration of hospital.

Knowing his adopted brother was dying, MR’s colleague, Rohmadon escaped.

While MR was able to take Khairudin to the hospital for treatment.

“I mean to be treated there, but I don’t know if the hospital was refused. So I brought the victim to his house again. I left in front after that I did not know anymore,” he explained.

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Doc. Kredivo Illustration of money

Money from legalization is used to buy methamphetamine

From Khairuddin’s motorcycle sales of Rp 1.5 million, MR received Rp 1 million.

While Rohmadon received Rp. 500,000.00.

“I used the money to buy methamphetamine, I gave Rp500,000 to Rohmadon,” he said.

Kasatdit 3 Jatrantas South Sumatra Regional Police Kompol Suryadi said the police immediately moved to arrest the perpetrators.

He confirmed that the perpetrator had brought his brother to the hospital after breaking it.

“Then he was taken home, because the hospital refused. The victim was found dead when his family was discharged. When he was taken to the hospital he died again,” said Suryadi.

Now, the suspect is subject to articles 338 and 365 of the Criminal Code regarding robbery and murder with the threat of life sentence.

Source: (Author: Palembang Contributor Aji YK Putra | Editor: Aprilia Ika)



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