Secret betrayal: Apple arrests employees


W revealing secrets must expect drastic consequences: what sounds like a message to secret service employees now reaches Apple employees. This is reported by the always well-informed US news agency Bloomberg quoted from an internal newsletter that recently went to Apple employees. The message is clear: traitors not only lose their jobs, but may even end up in jail.
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Twelve employees detained That this is not just empty threats, Apple illustrates with numerous examples. For example, a software developer was dismissed last month for revealing Apple’s internal software roadmap. In addition, the company transferred the employee, who published in advance the final version of iOS 11 in the previous year, from which revealed numerous details about the iPhone X. According to its own data, Apple has caught a total of 29 people (own employees of partner companies) in 2017 who revealed corporate secrets. Twelve of them even landed behind Swedish curtains. Substantial damage through betrayal “These people not only lose their jobs, they will also find it extremely difficult to find a new job elsewhere,” says the internal newsletter. Apple justifies the crackdown on the fact that the secret betrayal causes considerable damage. Current products would sell less well because customers were already waiting for a new product, and the competition would know in advance what Apple had in mind, so could respond faster. “We want to have the opportunity to tell our customers why a product is great,” said Greg Joswiak, product manager at Apple, in the newsletter.
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Special department to prevent leaks That Apple understands the treachery of corporate secrets no fun, in June 2017 was probably clear to everyone. At that time, diving first information on how Apple’s “Global Security Division” protects the company from leaks. The department also includes former employees of intelligence services, law enforcement agencies and the military. Their goal: to detect information leaks on the Apple campus and in the production facilities.


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