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Although the matter seems obvious, Vladimir Putin has still not declared whether he will run in next year’s presidential election. According to the Russian portal Meduza, despite the lack of confirmation from the dictator, a special staff is already working on his campaign. Theses from the perspective of the West are absurd.

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The change in the constitution of the Russian Federation from a few years ago opened the way for Vladimir Putin to run again, for the fifth time, for the presidency in 2024. For the time being, neither he nor his entourage confirms his election start, although – as experts indicate – the matter is settled.

Secret meeting about Putin. These will be his electoral targets

This is confirmed by the latest reports from the Meduza portal. His journalists say that Putin’s entourage has already formulated

first “ideological guidelines”

which are to be the keynote of the presidential campaign in 2024.

Putin is to be “guardian of traditional values”


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Decisions on this matter were to be made at a closed meeting in early March

under the leadership of the deputy head of the president’s administration, Sergei Kiriyenko, Meduza points out, citing two sources who attended the “seminar”.

The key participants were to agree that

the campaign must be built around “the ideology of conservatism”,

and Russia is to be presented as a country of “moral superiority” – which fits in with the current propaganda rhetoric of Putin himself.

Putin did not declare a start. The result, however, is already certain

According to Medusa sources

“One of the ideological foundations of the campaign will be the development of the Russian DNA project

“. This mysterious and absurd phrase is to strengthen “constant values”, “specific” for Russia. It is: “community, a sense of duty and superior goals, existential stability and the priority of what is intangible over what is commercial” – they report journalists.

The series of amazing slogans does not end there. “It is not our consumption and our industry that are at risk; the very identity of Russians,

the Russian worldview itself was under threat

” – this was supposed to be said during the meeting as a form of campaign inspiration.

At the same time, the participants of the “seminar” were to be assured that there would be no problems with the results

. “Putin should beat his result from 2018” – he received 76.69 percent. votes with a turnout of 67.54 percent. (in the 2012 elections, it was 63.6 percent of votes with a turnout of 65.34 percent), reports Meduza.


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