Secret plans for Russian stealth fighter jet surfaced in gamers’ forum

In the game “War Thunder” the players do not only meet on the virtual battlefield. Also in Forum of the free-to-play game, in which tanks, airplanes or battleships are simulated, things are heating up. Especially when it comes to the correct representation of the virtual war machine.

Gamers are constantly demanding more accurate illustrations from the War Thunder developers Gaijin Entertainment and have lively discussions about key data of tanks and co. in the associated forum. To support their argument, leak She keeps secret documents with details of war equipment – such as details about the most modern Russian fighter jet, the Su-57.

Only 5 examples of stealth jet

only in December the latest generation of the Su-57 entered service. Currently, the Russian Armed Forces only 5 copies available, 76 ordered the military from the manufacturer Sukhoi.

Not much was known about the showpieces of the Russian Air Force. According to reports, this is now changing thanks to the leak of the user “ZVO_12_INCH”. He published performance data as well Dimensions of the stealth jet in the War Thunder forums. It is unclear whether the documents in question were genuine or even contained information relevant to the secret services. The moderators of the forum have since removed the documents.

Forum leaks are piling up

The leak to the Su-57 is not an isolated case. In the past, users in the War Thunder forum have repeatedly published secret details about war equipment. In the summer of 2021, a gamer leaked the description of the British tank Challenger 2. In the autumn of the same year, another published key data on a French tank of the Leclerc Serie 2.

The moderators of the forum made it clear at the time that publishing such documents is not only dangerous for leakers, but also for the game developer. Because even storing the secret documents is one in many countries offense.

No changes based on secrets

War Thunder also insists it would no changes make to the game – certainly not on the basis of secret military information. “We say it again very clearly: We will not use source material as long as it is not publicly available and the secrecy has been lifted in a fully understandable manner,” said the moderators.