Sect buried a 6-month-old baby in San José de Maipo

March 22, 2023 at 11:04 a.m.

On February 9, the Investigative Police (PDI) came across a sinister discovery, the illegal burial of a six-month-old baby in San José de Maipo by the Arcoíris sect, specifically in the vicinity of the Coyanco Reserve.

The Chief of the South Homicide Brigades, Prefect Jorge Abatte, pointed out that the victim’s body was buried 90 centimeters deep.

According to a report by Chilevisión Noticias, the incident was denounced by a person who alerted the police about the unusual practices of the group, which could be a cult.

The aforementioned medium spoke with a former member of the community, who provided more details about the Cajón del Maipo sect. This person revealed that Antares de la Luz himself, whose name is Ramón Castillo Gaete, was within the ranks.

He pointed out that Antares ended up being expelled for having sexually abused women in the group, Castillo gave certain women a liquid to take them to his tent and sexually assaulted them. Apart from this horrible fact, Antares would have had violent attitudes.

the terrible details

The details of the investigation continue to be protected, but what was reported is that the baby was baptized as “Leufú”, who died at 40 days of life, and was buried in August of last year, being found six months after made.

“The bus was naked. buried. Covered with coca leaves, bay leaves and dried fruits. And a large stone that was like a large slab that weighed about 40 or 45 kilos. Who buries like that?”, said the former member.

After witnessing this, the person ended up leaving the sect, which was originally a kind of retreat. He asked a question and because of this, he ended up getting kicked out and threatened.

In fact, the father of the dead baby led reprisals against the person who made the case known and a neighbor of the community, who was reportedly burned by a minibus.

The authorities are in the investigation process, collecting background information to find the whereabouts of the perpetrators of this crime. So far there are no detainees.