Secure Smart Port puts maritime customs at the forefront

The solutions of the Safe Smart Port (PIS) program are putting the port system at the forefront in terms of customs inspection and control.

The center of this technological solution, in force since August 2021, is the port of Manzanillo, since then it has been advancing rapidly in streamlining and standardizing procedures focused on facilitating the movement of cargo.

The “Single Window” continues to facilitate paperless digital procedures, said Felipe Rodriguez Escamillapresident of the Mexican Association of International Freight Agents (AMAINC).

“Now the Secretary of the Navy has taken over the customs administration in the country, it has great challenges in generating comprehensive actions to prevent smuggling and improve trade,” he said.

In fact, it exemplified one of these challenges with the Carta Porte complement, which entered into force this year, whose purpose is to know the origin, destination and type of cargo.

And he added: “This tax obligation, imposed by the SAT, must include the cargo manifest or the request to facilitate customs procedures.”

flake He also said that the customs petition is a document that certifies and validates the company’s contributions in each of the export and import activities.

Despite improvements in digital procedures or more agile customs inspections, it is a reality that ports have deficiencies in their infrastructure and inefficiencies.

One of those unresolved needs is the lack of equipment in loading and unloading terminals in dry ports.

Edna Herrera

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