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Security allegations against Boeing's "Dreamliner" – economy

  • Aircraft manufacturer Boeing is said to have ignored a number of shortcomings in a US plant, which could jeopardize the flight safety of the "Dreamliner".
  • Affected is a report in the New York Times According to the production of the 787 in South Carolina.
  • The aircraft manufacturer denies the allegations.

There was a time when the Boeing 787 actually honored her adorer. As a "Dreamliner" Boeing markets its wide-body aircraft and shortly after its commissioning in late 2011, made the 787 equal to two dreams come true. She set a distance record in her weight class by flying 19,835 kilometers without stopping and a time record when she rounded the earth in 42 hours and 27 minutes. For this, Boeing was honored as the US manufacturer that achieved the biggest advances in aerospace this year. It all happened a long time ago. The records have long been surpassed and the "Dreamliner" no longer a dream object. Although there have been no accidents or aircraft losses of the 787, but she sees a recent report of the New York Times according to massive criticism – of the people who build it.

Boeing has ignored a number of security concerns, writes the New York Times and relies on internal mail, documents, and conversations with more than a dozen current and former Boeing employees. The production of the "Dreamliner" at the North Charleston site in South Carolina is said to have been shattered.

Aviation Boeing is improving

Boeing is improving

The aircraft manufacturer as well as the US aviation authority FAA draw consequences from the accidents of the "737 Max".By Jens Flottau

Joseph Clayton, a technician, told the newspaper that he had regularly found debris in the machines after manufacturing. Dangerously close to the cockpit's circuit. "I told my wife that I would never fly with it," Clayton said. "It's just a matter of security."

John Barnett, a former quality manager who worked for Boeing for nearly three decades, said he found heaps of metal shards. That sounds harmless, but the splinters were above the wiring for flight control. If the sharp metal parts penetrate the wires, that could be "catastrophic," Barnett said. Other employees reported anonymously that they had repeatedly found tools and components in the vicinity of electrical system.

The New York Times Published these allegations few days before Boeing presents its new quarterly figures. On Wednesday, the aircraft manufacturer will also provide information on how much the two crashes of his Boeing 737 Max have hit him financially. 346 people died in the accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia. That's why Boeing's best-selling jet has been down since March.

Security concerns had already led to the "Dreamliner" that the air traffic control authorities issued a more than three-month ban on the 787 flight. In 2013, the batteries had overheated in two machines, with a fire exploding on a plane parked on the ground. Boeing modernized the batteries afterwards.

Less than a month after the second 737 crash in Ethiopia, Boeing called its employees at the North Charleston plant for an urgent meeting. The company has a problem, it was called there, again and again customers would find random parts in their new "Dreamliners" that did not belong there.

So-called debris remains are not a rare problem in the construction of aircraft. The workers are instructed to clean the aircraft over and over again during production so as not to contaminate it with chips, tools or other parts.

In the New York Times It is now said that the Boeing management has put pressure on employees to not report their detected defects to the authorities. Instead, you should pay attention to a fast production process.

When Boeing introduced his "Dreamliner" in 2007, he was considered his most important aircraft. An airplane that created a new generation with its lightweight carbon fiber hull and advanced technology.

The aircraft manufacturer denies all allegations mentioned in the report, which scratch the "Dreamliner" call. "Boeing South Carolina produces the highest levels of quality in our history, and I'm proud of our commitment to quality and the work our people do every day," said Kevin McAllister, head of Boeing's commercial aviation department.

His former quality manager sees things differently. "As a quality manager at Boeing, you're the last line of defense before a defect goes public," said John Barnett New York Times, "And I've never seen a plane from Charleston that would stand by my name for being safe and airworthy."

Aviation log of a disaster

Log of a disaster

Man against on-board computer: As the pilots of two brand new Boeing "737 Max 8" desperately tried to prevent the crash. A reconstruction.By Jens Flottau, Claus Hulverscheidt and Nicolas Richter



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