Security: Chrome extension from Microsoft


Microsoft wants to increase the security while surfing with the Chrome extension “Windows Defender Browser Protection”.


Microsoft wants to protect Chrome users with a free extension from phishing.


Actually Microsoft applies with its own browser edge as competition of Google’s browser chrome. Nevertheless, the Windows group has now released a free extension for Chrome, which should increase the security while surfing. The “Windows Defender Browser Protection” said extension for Chrome can better protect against phishing and harmful websites according to Microsoft. In addition, the extension could prevent web pages or links in emails from downloading malicious software that infects the computer.

However, the extension has a catch: every Chrome-driven web address is reported to Microsoft. This is necessary so that the company can match the respective URLs with a regularly extended database. If the website is listed as malicious, the “Windows Defender Browser Protection” displays a red warning screen. Users who value their privacy, should therefore prefer to leave the free extension to the left. However, Microsoft has included a temporary shutdown that does not report subsequent Web site visits to Microsoft. According to Microsoft Edge can fend off 99 percent of all phishing attacks, without activated extension is Chrome only in 87 percent of the cases protected.

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