Security guards on warning strike: almost all flights canceled in Stuttgart – Stuttgart

Almost all flights on Tuesday have been canceled due to the strike in Stuttgart. Photo: dpa/Bernd Weißbrod

Hardly any plane takes off from Stuttgart on Tuesday. Due to the strike by the security staff, almost all connections have been cancelled.

Because of a warning strike by security personnel, many connections at German airports were canceled on Tuesday morning. The airport in Stuttgart is also affected. Almost all connections there fail on Tuesday. According to the schedule, only a few Eurowings flights should take place at lunchtime and Austrian flights to Vienna.

An airport spokeswoman told the dpa that a total of 40 out of 50 planned flights were canceled. Delays and longer waiting times are to be expected for the flights taking place. The strike is expected to last until late in the evening.

Union secretary Eva Schmidt, who is responsible for airports in Baden-Württemberg, was satisfied in the morning. About 130 employees took part in the warning strike.

Numerous airports affected by strikes

The strike was also felt at other airports: In Hamburg, all departures were canceled because the security checks for passengers remain closed all day. Frankfurt Airport called on passengers not to arrive because they cannot reach their flights due to the lack of controls. However, transfer connections should be possible at the most important German hub.

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The union has called for walkouts at a total of eight airports. In addition to Stuttgart, Hamburg and Frankfurt, employees in Berlin, Bremen, Hanover, Düsseldorf and Cologne/Bonn are also called upon to do so.

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In the collective bargaining negotiations with the Federal Association of Aviation Security Companies, the Verdi trade union is demanding that hourly wages be increased by at least one euro per hour and that wages be adjusted regionally. The employers accuse the union of excess. After four rounds of negotiations, both sides want to meet again on Thursday in Raunheim near Frankfurt.