Seduced by the Cuban Habano (+Photos)

Beirut, May 22 (Prensa Latina) Professionalism and harmony distinguish the Cuban Habano, as cataloged by the Lebanese businessman Ziad Zeidan, who today highlights the ability of its aroma to seduce thousands of fans around the world.

The pleasure of West Indian tobacco came to the young Ziad within the family and his surname represents the leading company in the distribution of Habanos in the Middle East, Africa and part of Europe, thanks to Phenicia TAA Cyprus.

In his role as executive director, Ziad seeks to consolidate the knowledge and history of the Cuban cigar among young people, protected by the relationship of trust between the Lebanese company and the Caribbean island for more than four decades.

His father, Mohamed, president of the company and Habano Man (1997, 2004), influenced the preference for the Habano and from childhood memories the words tobacco and Cuba are synonymous with happiness at home.

In an exclusive dialogue with Prensa Latina, the young businessman defended the number one condition of the Cuban Habano, backed by the strength and fragrance of its fine leaves, he stressed.

Commenting on the ties with the Antillean nation, Ziad recalls his visits and tours of the Vuelta Abajo fertile plains, in the west of the island and considered the best land for growing tobacco.

The Cuban Habano represents peace and family identity, he assured Prensa Latina, while insisting that smoking goes beyond lighting the cigar and expelling smoke.

He thanked the international corporation Habanos SA for the opportunity to choose Phenicia as the venue for the launch of the Cohiba 55th Anniversary Limited Edition 2021.

He praised the delicacy and quality of the new vitola of the Cohiba line, the elite brand of Habanos, which fans in Lebanon and around the world fall in love with.

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Phenicia celebrated its 42nd anniversary last June and manages five Casas del Habano in Lebanon, including the Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut.

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