SEE: André on the snus again?

André Hazes has overcome many addictions, he recently announced on Instagram. He sought professional help and said he had stopped wrecking his body. Still, something stands out about a photo his tattoo artist shared on Instagram. His followers think André is using snus again.

Snus is a white powder with a taste and nicotine that you have to put between your lip and gums. It is mainly made and used in Norway and Sweden. Yet the stuff is also increasingly popping up among Dutch young people and last year André Hazes revealed with a photo on Instagram that he also used the stuff.

Professional help

A little over a month ago, André made himself heard for the first time after his ’emotional burnout’. “I was in the darkest period of my life. I lost myself, while trying to keep everyone around me happy,” wrote André, who says he has overcome many addictions. “I started looking for professional help because I needed it so much at the time.”

“Still addicted?”

But in a photo that his tattoo artist Joey Boon shared on Instagram, followers notice something. In front of André there seems to be a bowl of snus on the table. “Lovely that snus”, responds a follower with a laugh. And another: “Still hooked… See the blue can.”

No old photo

It is not an old photo, confirms the tattoo artist himself in the comments. “This was indeed today,” he wrote in the comments on the day he posted the photo.