See: Asi El Hellani Gathering the Voice at the dinner table


See: Asi El Hellani Gathering the Voice at the dinner table See Asi Helani Gathering The Voice Participants At Dinner Table Akhbarna, quoting Nour, we are posting to you a witness. Asi Helani, The Voice Participants gather at the dinner table, witness Asi Helani, The Voice participants gather at the dinner table. We will send you our new visitors today through our news website and start with the most important news, see .. Asi El Hellani brings the “Voice” participants to the dinner table. The Lebanese artist Assi El-Hellani participated in the beautiful atmosphere of the “Voice” program yesterday, after inviting him to dinner immediately after the end of the second episode of “Direct Offers”. “Yesterday evening after the direct presentation from the Voice of Sharafouni on the dinner, the best and most beautiful voices and the most beautiful of the session with the sweetest and most wonderful voices of the Arab world.” Asi posted a number of pictures at dinner. On the other hand, Assi yesterday launched his latest songs “Hob Madoon” through one of the applications, which are the words of Ahmed Taha, composed by Bassem Yahya and the distribution of the musician Suleiman Damian and Tariq Majdalani. Thank you for following us and we promise you always to provide everything that is best .. and the transfer of news from all sources of news and facilitate reading to you. Do not forget the work of IK for our page on Facebook and follow the latest news on Twitter. Greetings of the family website of Akhbarna newspaper.
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