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JAKARTA, – Bank Indonesia (BI) loosens down payments for new motorbikes and cars to a minimum of 0 percent and loosens the ratio Loan to Value/Financing to Value (LTV / FTV) Credit / property financing is a maximum of 100 percent.

This means that debtors can get Motor Vehicle Loans (KKB) and Home Ownership Loans (KPR) with a DP of 0 percent. These two rules are in effect from March to December 31, 2021.

Responding to this new policy response, Bank Mandiri Corporate Secretary Rudi As Setridha said, the relaxation of LTV for KPR will indeed stimulate the company’s credit distribution this year.

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However, for the initial stage, the company will provide relaxation to customers who already have good quality according to this state-owned bank.

“For example, a customer whopayroll at Bank Mandiri and circles first home buyer, who will indeed live in the house he is going to buy, “said Rudi when contacted, Saturday (20/2/2021).

The reason is, the down payment limit of up to 0 percent will automatically have the consequence of a larger installment payment, with a tenor that will be set by the bank.

For this reason, the bank coded as BMRI shares will be more selective in distributing 0 percent DP KPR.

“We need to look at customers’ capabilities, especially in the early stages of the economy recovery this, “said Rudi.

Meanwhile, to continue to boost credit growth this year, Bank Mandiri has provided attractive mortgage interest rates. The interest rate offered starts at 3.88 percent since February 2021.

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For information, Bank Mandiri credit growth contracted -1.61 percent on an annual basis (year on year/ yoy) throughout 2020.

This minus credit growth has more or less affected the company’s profit while the credit restructuring is still underway.

But credit average balance Consolidated Bank Mandiri still grew 7.08 percent (yoy) to IDR 871.3 trillion throughout 2020.

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