See diversity as an opportunity

14 educators are continuing their education in inclusion in the “Building bridges in early education” project.

Weinheim. As part of the “Kita-Einstieg: Build Bridges in Early Education” project, a five-part qualification series on the topic of inclusion for pedagogical specialists in day-care centers has been taking place for the second time since January. The 14 participants from day-care centers from various sponsorships recently received their “Qualification Inclusion” certificate after the ceremonial conclusion of the training in the citizens’ hall in the old town hall, the city writes in a press release.

The project “Kita-Einstieg: Building bridges in early education” is a program of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ). It pursues the goal of facilitating entry into the system of early childhood education and removing barriers to entry. From 2017 to the end of 2022, a coordination and network office as well as additional specialist positions for daycare entry were created and set up at the Weinheim Office for Education and Sport. The project’s offerings are specifically aimed at all families who have so far only been insufficiently reached by child day care. One focus here is on migrant families. Social integration and participation in education are promoted via low-threshold counseling and early childhood education offers.

Customize processes

In addition, it is a concern of the federal program to support the pedagogical specialists in the day-care centers on site with qualification and further training offers. Educational professionals accompany individual children and groups of children on a daily basis, some of which are very heterogeneous. The diversity of cultural, linguistic and social backgrounds, of age, gender and developmental requirements as well as different family and living environments of children have thus become part of everyday life in educational institutions. Educators are now increasingly faced with the challenge of individually designing educational processes with children in everyday pedagogical life and keeping an eye on the entire group of children.

The project-funded qualification with speaker Heike Baum aims to sensitize and qualify educators in various institutions for diversity-conscious work with children. The aim is to use the diversity experienced for the work in order to make it more colorful and interesting – and thus also to see it as an opportunity.