Attention! NOBODY is sure of Nicki Minaj's devastating diss track from her brand new album "Queen".

The long-awaited follow-up album to Nicki Minaj's 2014 album The Pinkprint is here, and since there is no way for a queen to behave, Nicki Minaj grabs between lyrics. On the 19-track album, Nicki took some not-so-subtle shots at her haters, honest enough in lyrics just so she could get away. On "Barbie Dreams", arguably the nastiest thing on the album, Nicki records with Drake, 31, Desiigner, 21, Meek Mill, 31, Karrueche Tran, 30, Fetty Wap, 27 and more! "Go and make sure Karrueche is okay. // Hear that she thinks I'm trying to give the Coochie to Quavo." Nicki raps on the track. Damn Nicki, she went there.

"I remember when I had a crush on Special Ed // Shoutout Desiigner for making it out of Special Ed," she spits in the next verse. "I'll give it … Future Thirty // I had to cancel DJ Khaled 'Boy, we're not talking,' she says too. We need to know – what did Khaled do to royally peck Nicki ?! Even her longtime friend Drake was not sure. "And I would have had that Odell Beckham popping on the cake." "Until I saw him jumping out of the cars dancing to Drake," she says. Nicki has NO regrets when he calls a young bat. "I'm used to playing with Young Thug, I'm not talking about this cunt // I caught him in my dressing rooms stealing clothes." Um, what ?! It's not surprising that the rapper also referred to her ex Meek. "I still stay in my DMs, I have to drop him // I prayed for times like these."
Nicki is known for tearing apart her haters through their songs. Do you remember her vicious Remy Ma Diss track "No Frauds"? On the vicious single of 2017, she told the world how she really felt about Remy. "I helped you out of the pit you fell into // I'm the Generous Queen Ask Ms. Ellen // Try Dropping Another One It's You That Scrapped Me // You Got Yours Ghostwriter exposes, now you wish he was scrapped, "she spat. While Remy was somehow safe in "Barbie Dreams", others were not so lucky.

Fans can not believe that all the tea will be spilled on the track! "I need an explanation for Barbie Dreams because you all have SHOOK" said a fan of the rapper. With 18 more brilliant tracks behind "Barbie Dreams", it looks like Nicki will not apologize in the near future.


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