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See Rocket Lab again trying to launch its first commercial mission in space

Aerospace aerospace industry startup Rocket Lab will once again try to launch its first commercial mission into space this weekend, a flight it calls "It & # 39; s Business Time" , If successful, the flight will officially start commercial operation of the company, which has so far only completed two test flights.

However, Rocket Lab had trouble getting "It's Business Time" in the air. The company, which started from a private location in New Zealand, has tried several times to fly this particular mission, but has had to retreat after seeing odd behavior in one of the rocket's engine controls. After some design changes, Rocket Lab is ready to try again. The company has a launch window that lasts from November 10 through November 19, and there is a possibility to start daily between 10:00 pm ET and 2:00 am ET.

This flight will see the arrival of a handful of small satellites from Spire Global, nano-satellite systems from Tyvak, Fleet Space Technologies and the Irvine CubeSat STEM program. Some of these probes are about the size of a shoebox. That's the main goal of Rocket Lab to launch only small satellites. The company's vehicle, the Electron, is about 56 feet high and can drive 330 to almost 500 pounds in low orbits above the earth. This is perfect for satellite operators who are focused on making their spacecraft smaller than the size of a school bus.

So far, Rocket Lab has only reached orbit. Prior to this mission, two test flights were conducted, both of which reached space. On the first mission, however, it was not possible to reach orbit because communication devices interfered on the ground. The second has made it into orbit and successfully deployed four satellites. If this mission goes well, the Rocket Lab can boast of bringing 11 probes into orbit.

And once this flight is over, another flight arrives in Rocket Lab. The company intends to launch a NASA mission in December called ELaNa XIX, which will bring eleven small research satellites into orbit. The company has also claimed it has a full manifesto, and Peter Beck, CEO of Rocket Lab, said the goal is to run 16 flights next year.

But first Business Time has to fly at last. Rocket Lab plans to start a live stream as soon as the start time is set. Follow the Twitter of the company for updates on the mission, and look back here to see the mission live.


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