See the number of messages sent on Whatsapp – this trick works

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Von: Tobias Becker


Type quickly, send, done. Whatsapp is used almost every day, but how much do we really write? This is very easy to look up.

The messenger service Whatsapp is a daily companion for many people. Whatsapp has around two billion users worldwide, and messages are also being sent diligently in Heilbronn, Stuttgart and other regions in Baden-Württemberg. Text, images, videos and speech are possible – and are used actively. But: How often do you actually send messages via Whatsapp? That can be found out.

Instant Messaging
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Whatsapp shows the number of messages – this is how it works

Almost 100 billion messages are sent by users on Whatsapp every day. How many of them you send can be checked in the settings. Whatsapp keeps bringing new features there, so that you can, for example, turn on proxy support or whether messages should delete themselves.

But how do you find out how many messages have been sent? This is possible in a simple way. Under Settings there is an item “Storage and data”. If you click on it, you get to “Network Usage” and can then see how many messages you have sent. The abstract:

  • Step 1: Open Settings
  • Step 2: Storage and Data
  • Step 3: Network Usage

Tip for Whatsapp: How many messages have already been sent?

But not only the number of messages is displayed. You can also see how many media have been sent. So: How many pictures or videos. Since telephony is also possible with Whatsapp, this is also displayed. In addition, users can see how often they have used the status – and how many they have received.

The status is currently being revised at Whatsapp. You can use it, but new functions should be possible in the future. Whatsapp is currently working on being able to send voice messages in the status. With a trick you can even store music in videos in the status.