SEEG: Under pressure, Ousmane Cissé tenders his resignation!

DIG/ Faced with the popular discontent aroused by his appointment, the Senegalese Ousmane Cissé finally presented, on May 25, 2023 at the end of the day, his resignation from the post of Director General of SEEG.

Meeting late in the evening of May 25, 2023, the SEEG Board of Directors took note of this decision, which would be motivated by the latter by its “willingness to avoid putting a brake on SEEG’s transformation objective, which can only be implemented in a climate of serenity”, reports the daily L’Union.

The West African manager was replaced by the Gabonese Sylvère Bithegue (DGA in charge of Technical and Operations) who will take over until the appointment of a new general manager.

(We will come back to this).

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2023-05-26 01:26:21