The complaints of sexual violence have increased 30% in France in October. The society is changing ?

France is not the only country where the number of complaints is on the rise, it is also the case in Switzerland, for example. In contrast, in France, there is a gray area own to the so-called local culture, with the three G’s reported by the women : gallantry, grivoiserie, loutishness. Everyone is sharing their experiences, among friends, at work… It feels like things are moving in the French company.

The secretary of State Marlène Schiappa done a remarkable job and his Tour de France of equality seems to me to be relevant to advance this topic. As she explains, a woman who feels “hunted” in transit can not be in the right conditions to break the glass ceiling in which she encounters all too often in the professional world.

Your journal has revealed the sexual abuse of Tariq Ramadan on students when he taught in Geneva. Were you expecting this kind of response ?

The echo is to the extent of the character. Also in Switzerland, it has always been very controversial. He was a guest in emissions to speak of the place of Islam, but some intellectuals were denouncing the double-talk.

We were all surprised by these revelations. It is necessary to respect the presumption of innocence, however, these stories depict someone who is very far away from the behavior that it advocates. If we rely on the statements, this is a predator who took advantage of his hold intellectual on young girls, sometimes minor.

What effect this case has had in Switzerland ?

It has a huge impact, as Tariq Ramadan has lodged a complaint [against X for defamation], and we do not know the judicial follow-up. We also see build a wider debate on the influence that can be exercised by teachers on their students, and the responsibility of the institution into the behavior of the teacher.

interview by Corentin Pennarguear

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