SEG and the Carlos Slim Foundation offer a leveling and preparation course for entering High School. – Dependencies Bulletins

  • It seeks to train 26,000 third-year high school students.

Guanajuato Gto. March 22, 2022.- The Secretary of Education of Guanajuato carries out leveling and preparation actions for the single high school exam, for students who are currently in their third year of high school, in order to contribute to the recovery of learning and promote them in their training trajectory.

It will be through the Leveling and Preparation Course for the Single Exam (EXUMS), to be held from April to June 2022, through the PruébaT online platform developed by the Carlos Slim Foundation in coordination with SEG, which is completely free. and will provide access to educational and training material to 26,000 young people in their startup stage.

The course was designed for students who wish to continue their high school studies, those who are in the third year of secondary school will be able to access it, but it will be available to those young people who have graduated in a previous school year and who wish to prepare for the single exam.

The content of the course will be in the subjects of mathematics, Spanish, history, natural sciences, language and communication, while the structure will be through three stages, a diagnostic questionnaire (initial), the academic content (videos and exercises), and a final questionnaire.

Among the advantages of the Leveling and Preparation Course for the EXUMS, are that young people learn in a playful and self-managed way, it contains didactic material that teachers can incorporate into their classes.

In addition, each topic has a short explanatory video and exercises where when they are finished it automatically shows their results and the platform is available for access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so students can enter at the time they want. .

The students targeted for their entry will be registered on the platform until April 7, by the school, later they will be given the username and password for their entry at -Guanajuato-2022.

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If any student wishes to participate, they should only request their registration from the authorities of the secondary school to which they belong. If, on the other hand, the interested party is not enrolled, they can request their username and password to the email address [email protected]

The course was designed with the contents selected by the Directorate of Coverage in Higher Secondary and Higher Education, the General Directorate of Basic Education, the Directorate of Educational Evaluation and the Subsystems of Higher Secondary Education, through a special collaboration between SEG and Fundación Slim.