SEG brings virtual robotics sample to students in the Northeast – Boletines Dependencies

  • They strengthen learning and promote the use of technological infrastructure.

Doctor Mora, Gto. November 24, 2021.- With the aim of promoting in students the development of skills such as logical-mathematical, critical thinking, problem solving, collaborative work and digital skills, the Secretariat of Education of Guanajuato, SEG, through the Northeast delegation, carried out the first sample virtual educational robotics in digital format.

High school students participated in the sample and shared their knowledge with more than 150 female and male students from 20 institutions who connected to the live broadcast.

The institutions have LEA classrooms (Laboratory of Learning Experiences) and robotics laboratories, as well as free internet service, within the regional connectivity project.

During the activity that took place in the youth center of the municipality of Doctor Mora, the participating teams lectured on their knowledge in programming, problem solving and digital skills. In addition, they encouraged students to continue to achieve their dreams, not to give up and to ask for help whenever they need it.

In his message, Héctor Teodoro Montes Estrada, Northeast Regional Delegate for Education, thanked the students and their teachers for contributing to the creation of innovative learning environments and making it possible for other girls and boys to become motivate them to venture into robotics and develop digital skills that allow them to become programmers and change paradigms.

In addition, he spoke of the importance of reactivating the technological infrastructure of schools, such as robotics laboratories and LEA equipment.

It should be noted that, as part of the sample, 3 more virtual work sessions will be held, which will be broadcast live on Microsoft Teams, on January 21, February 22 and March 22, in which strategies will be provided for the resolution of bases in the Krypton arenas in the classroom, challenge-type activities will be analyzed over time that serve to train the mind, there will be spaces for collaborative activities and exchange of experiences between students.

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The event was attended by Edgar Javier Reséndiz Jacobo, Municipal President of Doctor Mora, Alejandra González Arredondo, Coordinator for Educational Development, Juana María Torres Cruz, Head of USAE at Doctor Mora, Luz Gabriela Flores Quiroz, Head of Sector 6 of Telesecundarias, Miguel Ángel Amaro Morán, School Supervisor Zone 539, Reyes Rangel Capetillo, Director of Telesecundaria 400, María Cristina Basaldúa Jiménez, Director of Telesecundaria 268 and José Guillermo Rodriguez Arvizu, Director of the Municipal Institute of Youth.