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Sega Ages: List of Switch Portages Elongated

Update | The situation is accelerating for the Sega Ages, since the Japanese publisher has just confirmed the date of posting of the first two titles selected. Sonic the Hedgehog, the original, and Thunder Force IV will be launched jointly on 20 September on eShop, for a price of 925 yen (€ 7), the European price still to be defined. Another consequence: Phantasy Star switches to an indeterminate date, as stipulated by the official website which now displays the new additions to the collection.
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In addition to the three games mentioned above, the second wave also plans to include Space Harrier, confirmed this weekend, Columns II, which will add an online mode to boost its mechanics of puzzle game, but also Thunder Force AC, which is the name given to the arcade version of the legend Thunder Force III – suddenly, two of the three episodes Mega Drive in the series of Technosoft will travel to the Switch, now that Sega has the rights. It should also be noted that OutRun will benefit from a revised soundtrack.

For archivists of all kinds and those who closely follow the news of the Tokyo Game Show, Sega announces the presence of Gain Ground on Switch in the aisles of the show (20 – 23 September). The title will also be presented on stage on Saturday, September 22, early afternoon, during a segment dedicated to retro games and the Sega Ages range in particular. The opportunity to rediscover his extremely precise movements, the portage drawing directly from the arcade, to resume the flyers instructions on both sides of the screen. Vertical mode will also be included for this Switch version.



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