Sega announces a Mega Drive Mini on a background of skepticism


Sega wants to surf on her turn the wave of retrogaming . The Japanese company announced this weekend the launch of a pocket reissue of its iconic console, the Mega Drive. Sold more than 40 million copies, the 16-bit console that celebrates this year the thirtieth anniversary of its release in Japan will return in a miniature version. The console will resume the design of its elder in a more compact version with HDMI output and games installed by default . We do not know what will be the release date and the price of the Mega Drive Mini. Sega has only indicated that it will first launched in Japan before investing the West in the course of the year. The builder did not let a lot of clues to the titles that will accompany the launch. According to the specialized website Polygon Sonic 3 would not be there for copyright issues related to gaming music.

Sega walks in the footsteps of its great rival of the 1990s, Nintendo, whose recent reissues, the Nes Mini and the Super Nintendo Mini , have met a net success with the nostalgic players. Both consoles have been ripped off all over the world. Released in 2016, the Nes Mini has sold more than 2 million copies. Launched a year later, the Super Nintendo Mini has exploded sales with more than 4 million units sold. Two reissues hailed by the specialized press and the players for their qualities that boosted the company’s revenues.

A partner with a bad reputation Unlike Nintendo, Sega should delegate some of the design of the Mega Drive Mini. Fifteen years after the production of its last console, the Dreamcast, the firm has teamed up with AtGames for its return to the arena. The ad was met with some suspicion by fans of the console. This American manufacturer is indeed a specialist in low-end reissues of famous consoles. The manufacturer has already made several reissues of the Mega Drive that have not left an unforgettable memory in the memory of gamers. The last, the Mega Drive Flashback HD was released in January. In the face of mistrust over the announcement, the US manufacturer defended itself on Twitter “I understand skepticism, but I’m sure you’ll change your mind once the console tests and its international versions are online,” he tweeted.

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