Sega: Mega Drive Mini and Shenmue Remastered announced


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Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the Mega Drive Sega wants to publish a shrunken new edition. The classics Shenmue I and II should also come as a remastered version on current platforms.

The Japanese video game maker Sega follows the console manufacturer Nintendo and announces a mini version of the 16-bit console Mega Drive (Sega Genesis), which was launched in 1989. The simple Mega Drive Mini baptized console will first be released in Japan, other regions will follow later this year. A price is not fixed yet, also there is no information about the pre-installed games.
Inside of AtGames There is first information about the hardware installed in the Mega Drive Mini. This comes, according to its own admission of AtGames, the relevant Facebook post but was deleted in the meantime. In the past, Sega had already granted the manufacturer AtGames the license to sell a retro console based on the Mega Drive. The console released last year Sega Genesis Flashback AtGames for just under $ 80 offers 85 pre-installed games, but also a module slot for titles from their own collection. In addition, two radio controllers are included in the hardware, but alternatively you can also connect two gamepads to the original console.

Although the Sega Genesis Flashback outputs a 720p signal via HDMI, optionally displays scanlines and offers a rewind feature, the console came with fans and trade press not so good: The emulation can partially hold no stable frame rate, the user menu is confusing and the game selection would consist of many gap fillers.
Accordingly skeptical is now expected Segas own new edition of the Mega Drive. The much smaller retro console does not seem to have a module slot, so buyers remain limited to the pre-installed games. Whether there is an update option over the Internet, remains open. So far only exists a photo on which an employee holds the Mega Drive Mini at the unveiling in Tokyo.
New opportunity for Ryo Hazuki Less skepticism is there already the announcement of Remastered versions of Shemnue I and Shemnue II for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The first part of the action adventure appeared in 2000 for Sega’s last console Dreamcast, part 2 followed a year later and was even released in 2003 for Microsoft’s first Xbox console. With production costs of $ 47 million, the first installment was the most expensive video game production ever.
The loosely announced for 2018 new editions of the two games are to be released as a bundle both digitally and on data carriers. Sega promises a “definitive version of the timeless classics.” New features include custom controls, scalable resolution, an improved user interface, and an ability to switch between English and Japanese voice output

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