News Ségolène Royal in the viewfinder of justice

Ségolène Royal in the viewfinder of justice


Ségolène Royal, who should soon be removed from her post as Poles ambassador after her criticisms of the executive, is also in the sights of justice with an open preliminary inquiry into the use made of the means made available to her.

The national financial prosecutor's office announced Wednesday that it had opened a preliminary investigation in November concerning the use of the means made available to it as ambassador of the poles since his appointment to this post by Emmanuel Macron in 2017.

The PNF investigation was opened when the Radio France investigation cell accused her of using the funds allocated to her mission for personal ends (100,000 euros and three collaborators, according to the cell) notably for the promotion of his book ("What I can finally tell you").

"This investigation is perfectly legitimate in a democracy where transparency on the use of public funds is required," reacted Ms. Royal on her Facebook page, ensuring that "all the supporting documents are available on each of the insinuations formulated" by USAinformations.

It also publishes on Facebook a letter in which its publishing house, Fayard, claims to have borne all the costs relating to the promotion of the work, including the travel of collaborators whose names have been deleted. "Not a single euro from the ministry was used for these dedications," she said.

"I do not have a € 100,000 envelope at my disposal that I could use as I wish as some media have repeated for the past two months to shock," said Ms. Royal also. "All mission expenses (mainly travel to official meetings in the Arctic, scientific and diplomatic working meetings) are subject to dual control within the ministry: the Mission Service on the one hand and financial control on the other hand. "

According to her, the amount of its operating expenses in 2018, "borne directly by the ministry for the 4 people of the mission, is € 41,576", and "€ 50,207" for 2019. "In conclusion, the rules of rigor which were essential were perfectly respected ".

– Astonished Melenchon –

These are Ms. Royal's repeated criticisms of government policy, particularly when she lambasted "the chauvinist ego of the executive" over the pension reform, which earned her the wrath of the government.

Her supervisory ministry ended up sending her a letter on January 7 (which she herself posted on Facebook on Tuesday), reminding her of her "duty of reserve" and summoning her to put an end to her criticism, failing which. she would lose her function as ambassador of the poles.

"I understand from this letter that the President of the Republic will end my functions at a forthcoming Council of Ministers since I do not intend to give up my freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by the Constitution" , she said on Facebook on Tuesday.

She will be "presumably" dismissed from office during the Council of Ministers on Friday, January 24, AFP learned from a source close to the executive.

"We asked Ms. Royal what her position was on (her) necessary obligation of reserve and the respect she owes to this obligation of reserve. She will no doubt put forward her observations and we will have the opportunity to make a decision, after having read and reflected on his observations, "said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Wednesday, leaving a government seminar at the Elysée Palace.

"From a judicial point of view, there is no political settlement of accounts", assured the Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet. "Either Ms. Royal remains in her diplomatic duties (…), or she wants to play politics and it is her right," added Secretary of State for European Affairs Amélie de Montchalin, on Europe 1.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, number one of the Insoumis, is surprised. "In August, she declares that she could be a presidential candidate and immediately, the machine starts up (…) Curiously, we are interested in what she does" and "three months later, she has the national financial prosecutor's office on its back and she is fired from her post, "he said on BFMTV.


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