"Liberation" insane. In promotion for her book "What I can finally tell you" (editions Fayard), Ségolène Royal is currently touring the media to review her career and discuss the sexist attacks she received throughout her career, including Especially during the presidential campaign of 2007. Among the accusations reproduced in the book, the former Minister of Ecology points the finger at the newspaper "Liberation" and its editor Laurent Joffrin.

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"'Libé' has never made a front on 'The left snipe'"
"The worst thing is that at that time the left-wing newspapers supposed to share my values ​​were the most violent: it's Laurent Joffrin who in 2007, at a crucial moment of my campaign, between the two tours de the presidential election, publishes in 'Liberation', 'The left Bécassine', "she writes in her book. She also repeated it on France Inter last Wednesday, as well as on the set of "C to you" the same day. She has also broken with Patrick Cohen on the France 5 show, the journalist hammered that the newspaper had not made this Une before the second round of the 2007 presidential puremedias.com proposes to see the exchange tense.
Last night, "Libé detox" was held to deny the words of Ségolène Royal. "It is true that the PS candidate has been repeatedly referred to as 'Bécassine' during the 2017 election campaign, but 'Libé' has never made a front page on 'The left snipe' and Laurent Joffrin has not spoke about 'left snipe' in the newspaper between the two rounds of the election in 2007, "said the newspaper, before stating that the director of the publication had indeed published an essay entitled" The left snipe ", but that was released in February 2007. Moreover, in this book, it did not aim precisely Ségolène Royal, "but the Socialist Party as a whole".
"The content of Laurent Joffrin's editorials published between the two rounds of the election was rather favorable to Ségolène Royal"
In addition, the left-wing daily published an editorial by Laurent Joffrin dating from February 21, 2007, a few days after the release of his essay, where he explained not to target Ségolène Royal: "It is not the young Ségolène who draws the left down, it's the old left that plumbs the new candidate, difficult to dance rock with elephants ". "Beyond Bécassine, the content of editorials of Laurent Joffrin published between the two rounds of the election was rather favorable to Ségolène Royal," continued "Libération", republishing several excerpts edits.
Finally, "Libé detox" confirmed that the Socialist was compared to Bécassine by journalists during the campaign. "Yes, but not in the columns of 'Libé' In January 2007, it is 'Le Monde' who dared this comparison, in a mocking chronicle signed by a journalist house, Dominique Dhombres", finished the newspaper.


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