News Ségolène Royal targeted by a preliminary investigation by the...

Ségolène Royal targeted by a preliminary investigation by the national financial prosecutor's office


Soon released from her commitment to the Arctic and Antarctic poles, Ségolène Royal was not done with the throes of office. The former minister is in fact the subject of a preliminary investigation by the National Financial Prosecutor's Office (PNF), we learned on Wednesday, confirming information from the Radio France investigation cell.

The PNF seeks to verify the use made by the ambassador of the poles of the means made available by the Quai d'Orsay and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, namely three collaborators and an envelope of 100,000 euros in fees mission and representation. The investigation was entrusted to the brigade of repression of economic crime, specifies Radio France.

As it has already done in the past, the PNF took up the case after press revelations. In November, the Radio France media had notably pointed out Ségolène Royal's trips to the provinces, the signing sessions for her books and the operations to promote her foundation, Desires for the future for the planet. Activities quite far from his area of ​​competence and during which the former minister was accompanied by collaborators paid by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to Radio France's revelations, Ségolène Royal's communications advisor even spent a short stay … in Senegal.

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