Seguro Popular, great support against ovarian cancer


Forum on Ovarian Cancer was held in the Senate of the Republic .- Yesterday, the Ovarian Cancer Forum, chaired by Senator Diva Hadamira Gastélum Bajo, President of the Commission for Gender Equality LXIII legislature, Dr. María de los Ovario, was held yesterday in the Senate of the Republic. Dolores Gallardo Rincón, PhD in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology; member of the Ovary Clinic of the National Institute of Cancerology and Dr. Francisco Javier Ochoa Carrillo, President of the Mexican Association for the Fight against Cancer.
During the development of the LXII and LXIII Legislatures in the Senate of the Republic, one of the legislative priorities was to attend, visualize and incorporate into the Catalog of Catastrophic Expenses, the subject of breast, cervical and ovarian cancers, which suffer and affect to the woman.
In the framework of World Ovarian Cancer Day, which was held on May 8, Senator Diva Gastélum started the event, prioritizing in his speech the incorporation of epithelial and germinal ovarian cancer in the catalog of catastrophic insurance expenses Popular.
He also thanked the efforts of the Ovarian Cancer Clinic of the National Institute of Cancerology and the Mexican Association for the Fight against Cancer, in its fight for the prevention of ovarian cancer, as well as the demand for greater visibility to this disease .

“It has been a struggle that we have given permanently and fortunately we can deliver good results from this work that we have been doing. The death figures are very alarming, because every year a large number of cases is detected and that is why this disease must be attended and prevented with the opportune diagnosis, being one of the most successful ways to care for our women in the country “, exposed.
Later, he gave the microphone to Dr. Gallardo, who stressed that in Mexico ovarian cancer is not very alert, for example, in the country it began to be given greater visibility in 2011, with programs to access treatment at the Institute. of National Cancerology (INCan).

He also spoke about Seguro Popular coverage, which he classified as “the beginning of a new fight”.
However, he indicated that there is still much to be done: 20 cancer centers cover, with Seguro Popular, 16 states of the Republic, leaving aside the fringes of the center, north and south of the country. Veracruz, for example, does not have the Popular Insurance coverage and has to apply for it in Chiapas, which is saturated.
He indicated that, unfortunately, has not started for practical purposes, an ovarian cancer campaign. The disease has not been taken into account in several health centers, except INCAN and the Mexican Association for the Fight against Cancer (AMLCC).
Dr. Dolores Gallardo stated that there is an urgent need for regulations that cover: awareness of ovarian cancer, empowerment of women, arousing interest and reducing bureaucracy.
In an interview with , pointed out the symptoms of ovarian cancer:
“The symptoms are mainly digestive; their abdomen is stretched, women believe that food made them sick, that they are eating a lot of fat, or that they have colitis. If that colitis happens 12 times or more a month, it is necessary to perform a transvaginal ultrasound. ”
“It can also happen that you have pelvic symptoms; as mild pain and / or discomfort in the pelvis. ”
“Doctors in general do not recognize the need to have a transvaginal ultrasound, because they say that screening studies in the world have gone negative to be used as methods, why? Because they are done every year, when they should be done every 6 months. months, “he finished.
Patricia Gómez, a breast cancer survivor, also participated in the Forum. She exhorted the women to undergo vaginal ultrasound and CCA125, in order to rule out the possibility of carrying the disease.

Finally, the president of the AMLCC, Dr. Francisco Javier Ochoa Carrillo, said that, although with the Seguro Popular there was a great advance, it is necessary for the Association that presides, to be able to spread the knowledge in Mexican women, of equal way, give more training to general practitioners and specialists. Well, a woman, in her diagnostic treatment, passes between 7 and 9 doctors, before realizing ovarian cancer.

He exhorted the women to demand complementary gynecological and ultrasound studies from their doctor.
He regretted that the bureaucracy, as well as the current situation of the health sector, does not allow the appropriate resources to be given for ovarian cancer. “There is availability, but not accessibility,” he said.
“The importance of this Forum is that thanks to Senator Diva Gástelum, who manages the Gender Equality Commission, an enthusiastic promoter of medical projects, especially oncology, with which we have had the opportunity to work and count on her support in This Legislature, there have been achievements and these achievements are many. Among them the Popular Insurance for ovarian cancer “.
“However there are many pending tasks, and the reason for this meeting is precisely to continue working in lines that allow us Mexican women have greater accessibility to a timely detection of ovarian cancer, so we have to better train our general practitioners and medical specialists, not oncologists, because many patients go with symptoms of the digestive tract- understand constipation, abdominal pain, colitis-which are treated during several very long times and delay the diagnosis, and the general surgeon to find a mass, wants to operate, the ideal is that if a tumor lesion is detected, it must be deferred to a center of experience in the management of ovarian cancer ” .

“On the other hand, it is essential that non-governmental organizations, such as our association, continue to try to instill knowledge to the general population, especially Mexican women. In addition to cervical cancer and breast cancer, there is ovarian cancer, which is extremely deadly, “he concluded.


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