They might not have had to congratulate themselves. The police in Seine-Maritime have posted a message on their Twitter account that has been shared thousands of times Thursday 8. Since surfers point fingers.

Indeed, the national police were very happy to share a photo of a box of chocolates, Ferrero Rochers, offered by a man they had arrested a few days earlier.

Already, to thank the police after being arrested appeared rather curious to the numerous Net surfers who reacted to the photo. But it is especially the explanation of the forces of the order which surprised.

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"His arrest without violence allowed to unblock one of his cervical vertebrae for which he suffered for six months", congratulated the police officers on the social network with the blue bird.

"A 83-and-a-half-year-old lady thanked me with a Kinder Bueno the day I gave her a non-violent high kick that allowed her to remove the cavities she had at the bottom right of her favorite molar", taunted a twittos who was not the only one to make fun of the interpellation "Without violence" able to put back vertebrae.

Some, obviously blocked from the back, also asked to be treated in the same way while others were insurgent against police violence.

The national police of Seine-Maritime did not respond to the attacks this Saturday and despite the controversy, the publication has not been removed.

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