SEK mission: False amok alarm in Leipzig – video was a school project

American authorities had warned the police that a killing spree might be planned in Leipzig. A video on Snapchat indicated the act of violence. In fact, it was harmless.

After the SEK mission on Thursday morning because of possible rampage plans in Leipzig, the police given the all-clear.

The video, which a man uploaded to the Snapchat social network and which attracted attention as a possible rampage announcement, was created as part of a school project, according to the police. There was no danger, said the Leipzig police department.

The police had been warned by American authorities that the 21-year-old had uploaded a video to the Snapchat social network that indicated a possible act of violence at a school. Forces of the special task force and the Leipzig police department then stormed the apartment of the 21-year-old. The man was initially arrested but has since been released.

The investigations have now revealed that the video showed part of a project at a Leipzig school that was carried out without a teacher. It showed, among other things, a person with a gun in his hand in a classroom. When they searched the apartment, the emergency services found an airsoft gun, which was also shown in the video. The police are investigating the man for disturbing the public peace.

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