Selections: Tense relations between Le Graët and the Mbappé clan

Relations between Kylian Mbappé’s entourage and the president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noël Le Graët, are not the best. Since the marketing operation canceled by the Parisian during the last truce, friction continues between the two parties, report L’Équipe and RMC.



Between Kylian Mbappé’s entourage and the FFF, it’s not mad love. Since the marketing operation canceled by the PSG striker during the last international break, relations between the entourage of the French international and the president of the FFF, Noël Le Graët, have not improved and tensions exist. . Recently, an email had been sent to the lawyer for number 7 in Paris to remind him of his obligations and to agree on a meeting to discuss this subject.

Initially agreed this Thursday, the interview will not take place in the end since the Mbappé clan has decided to cancel it. Annoyed by the latest statements from the president of the FFF, the player’s entourage decided to respond in their own way and began a dialogue of the deaf. In the columns of L’Équipe, Mbappé’s lawyer, Delphine Verheyden confirms the cancellation of the meeting scheduled for May 12: “We have indeed decided to cancel this meeting. This is useless since President Le Graët has already delivered his conclusions before discussing the subject. The Federation is more than authorized to use the collective image of the France team. But the problem is in particular that it uses more and more the individual image of certain players with others more withdrawn. »

A statement that makes it clear that relations are not in good shape and that the resolution of this dispute should not be for now. In any case, the player’s image rights have become a real subject for the press lately since it is also the subject of discussions around his future.