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Home Entertainment Selena Gomez is reported to have "open-ended" treatment in rehab in breakdown

Selena Gomez is reported to have "open-ended" treatment in rehab in breakdown

She is taking the right steps. Selena Gomez did not have an easy year, and the pop star has recently fallen under pressure. Earlier this week, Selena was hospitalized after suffering an emotional breakdown and she went back to a psychiatric facility to work on her problems. Now more details about her rehab program and her treatment have become known.

Selena's treatment will be "open", an insider revealed Page six, The insider also gave an insight on what caused Sel to collapse: "Justin Bieber's engagement would undoubtedly have an impact on her, Selena had a lot on her plate – too much, and of course, as with any major life event, [the engagement would have affected her.]"

Justin (24) and Selena (26) have been together for almost seven years and their last split came back in March. Only two months later, Justin started dating Hailey Baldwin, who was another of his back-away girlfriends. But they pretty quickly took things to the next level, and Justin and Hailey were engaged until July – and several reports claim that they may even be married.

But Justin's engagement and possible marriage to Hailey is just one of the many problems Selena has been dealing with lately. The "Back To You" singer has been battling lupus (a chronic autoimmune disease) for quite some time and even had a kidney transplant last year. Since the transplant Selena suffers from complications of this procedure.

"Selena also has a serious medical condition with lupus," the insider said, "and her transplant, which is always a complicating factor."

Sel is currently seeking treatment at a rehab facility on the East Coast where she undergoes dialectical behavioral therapy and participates in a wellness program.

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