We can say that the year 2017 has been quite strong in events for many stars and especially for Selena Gomez ! Between his couple with The Weeknd and his break with the singer, his re-pairing with Justin Bieber, his kidney transplant, his return to the front of the stage, including featurings with Marshmello and Kygo but also the success of 13 Reasons Why, the singer did not blow a minute. Besides, Selena is currently at the head of the new Coach campaign, on which it is displayed ultra photoshopp√©e ! An additional collaboration that shows that despite the hardships, Selena is a more accomplished woman than ever before and that, on all terrains. And we can say that the astronomical amount of his fortune is the proof …

If Selena Gomez is active on various levels, as much musical, televised, cinematographic as in fashion, her fortune rises over the collaborations. As revealed by Celebrity Net Worth, the singer of “Kill Em With Kindness” would weigh nearly 60 million dollars! A very impressive amount for a young woman of her age. But how is Selena able to amass so much money? First, his various collaborations. In 2010 a clothing line with Tony Melillo and Sandra Campos, in 2012 a perfume with Adrenalina, a polish with OPI, a campaign with Adidas and Pantene or Coca Cola and Louis Vuitton. This is also how recently, just by becoming the new image of Puma, his fortune has grown from 50 million to 60 million dollars! Of course, her performances as singers and actresses are her main income as well as the basis of her success. If Selena is followed by a very wide audience, we understand why many brands tear themselves away … Moreover, she made a big decision: Selena Gomez has given her Instagram account to zero! Which would be a new strategy for the young woman.
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