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Von: Paul Ronzheimer (Currently in Kyiv)

On Wednesday morning, Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin (69) ordered partial mobilization of his armed forces with immediate effect. 300,000 reservists are to be sent to Ukraine!

In a TV speech, Putin also announced four referendums in occupied Ukrainian territories and again threatened the West with the use of nuclear weapons.

How is Ukraine reacting? On Wednesday afternoon, BILD met the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj (44) for an interview in the capital Kyiv.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyj gave his first interview to BILD after Putin announced that he would carry out partial mobilization and hold referendums in occupied territories

Photo: Giorgos Moutafis

That’s what Selenskyj says about the Russian partial mobilization, the Russian referendums and Putin’s nuclear threat against his country and the West!

In the BILD interview, Selenskyj explained that he had not seen Putin’s speech. His TV speech was “not my favorite video,” said the President. “I have all the information I need.” The speech was “nothing new to me”.

Putin has already carried out the partial mobilization, Zelenskyj told BILD. “Our intelligence services and our allies have already said so. He has been mobilizing for the past month.”

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyj in an interview with BILD Vice President Paul Ronzheimer in Kyiv

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyj in an interview with BILD Vice President Paul Ronzheimer in Kyiv

Photo: Giorgos Moutafis

According to Zelenskyy, the partial mobilization shows that Russia has “problems with officers and other military personnel”. “We already know they mobilized cadets, guys who couldn’t fight. These cadets have fallen. They couldn’t even finish their education. All these people cannot fight. They came to us and die.”

The President of Ukraine continued: “He sees that his units are simply running away. He needs a multi-million dollar army coming to us. Because he sees that a large proportion of those who come to us simply run away.”

Zelenskyj’s grim conclusion: “He wants to drown Ukraine in blood, but also in the blood of his own soldiers.”

German tanks “save lives”

Zelenskyj turned directly to Germany and demanded more military support. Specifically: German battle tanks!

“For us, battle tanks mean that we can save more lives,” said the Ukrainian president. Ukraine is grateful for the military and financial support from Germany but needs more to win the war. “Armoured technology is a question of survival, of the survival of our soldiers,” Zelenskyj said in an interview with BILD.

The President of Ukraine appealed to the federal government not to justify the refusal to supply tanks with the behavior of the USA or other countries. “They are independent of other states,” Zelenskyy said to the German government. “Germany is the strongest economy in Europe, so Germany can also set a good example.”

That’s how loud it got with Scholz phone calls

The Ukrainian President also said that phone calls with Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) were sometimes loud. “I’m a very direct person. It’s not just my character. This also saves time to solve problems,” says Zelenskyj.

“I was often very direct on the phone because I didn’t understand certain steps,” said the President. “There were situations where the walls shook.”

“I don’t believe that he will use these weapons”

The Ukrainian President was unperturbed by Putin’s threats. He does not plan to cancel the reconquest of the territories occupied by Russia. “We will act according to our plans step by step. I am sure we will liberate our territory.” The referendums are “sham referendums, 90% of the states will not recognize them”.

Regarding Putin’s indirect threat to use nuclear weapons, Zelenskyy said: “I don’t believe that he will use these weapons. I don’t think the world will allow him to use those weapons.”

However, Selenskyj does not rule out a nuclear strike: “We cannot look into this person’s head, there are risks.”

Nevertheless, one should not give in to Putin’s threats. “Tomorrow Putin can say: apart from Ukraine, we also want part of Poland, otherwise we will use nuclear weapons. We cannot make these compromises.”

Zelenskyj: What if Putin threatens Germany?

Zelenskyj also warned Germany against giving in to Putin’s nuclear weapons threats: The day after tomorrow he can say that “Germany also remembers the GDR and the FRG as it used to be. He’ll say, Sorry, we’re going to start rebuilding the wall. Here we brought our Russian bricks. Will Germany agree to this because they fear Russia will use nuclear weapons?”

The Ukraine President told BILD: “There are still countries in the world that have not understood that Putin has already lost the war. Historically he lost. Not only against Ukraine. He lost to his country. He lost to the whole world. He lost to democracy. His war is lost. From the first day of the invasion of the territory of Ukraine he lost this war. No one will forgive him anything.”

Partial mobilization in Russia Putin’s threats to the world

Source: BILD / Reuters / AP