Self-made millionaire Claudia Obert (61): “I’m pregnant”

She is 61 and he is 24 years old. Reason not to think about having a child together? Not even close!

That’s exactly what self-made millionaire Claudia Obert and her lover Max Suhr have done. Because the entrepreneur could actually be pregnant.

This statement is a bit surprising. After all, Obert is 61 years old. From the age of 45 it is still possible to get pregnant, but it is becoming less and less likely.

And: Claudia Obert recently announced to “Bild” that her loved one had a problem with his sperm.

«(…) But you probably can’t make the big shot with him. The concentration of the sperm was not good, »said the 61-year-old.

In this case, nothing is as old as yesterday’s news…