“Self-rescue mask” allegedly violated “Trade Descriptions” Zhongzhi, Huangdian received subpoenas and did not mention “Not made in China” | Position report

The Kwun Tong Yellow Store “The Artlab by Favilla (Favilla)” used to sell the disbanded Hong Kong Zhongzhi packaging “self-rescue masks” in the store. The packaging of the masks was marked with “NOT MADE IN CHINA” and “ASTM Level 1”. The Customs subsequently arrested several members of “Zhong Zhi” and directors of “Favilla”. It is understood that “Zhongzhi” and “favilla” and their related personnel received a court summons earlier that the customs alleged that the “ASTM Level 1” label on the mask packaging violated the “Trade Descriptions Regulations” and will reply tomorrow (30th).

“Hong Kong Zhongzhi” searched and purchased more than 1 million masks last year and packaged them into “self-rescue masks”. However, the packaging was marked with “NOT MADE IN CHINA” and “ASTM Level 1”. Chairman Cheng Jialang was arrested by the customs on suspicion of violating the Trade Descriptions Ordinance. In September, Haiwei arrested two of its directors at the “favilla” restaurant in the yellow shop in Kwun Tong where the masks were sold.

It is understood that the “Hong Kong Zhongzhi” related company and two members of “Zhongzhi”, as well as “The Artlab by Favilla” and one of its directors, received a court summons earlier, stating that the packaging of masks they supplied claimed to reach “ASTM Level”. 1″ is suspected of violating the Trade Descriptions Ordinance and must be submitted to the Kwun Tong Magistrates’ Court for a defense tomorrow.

When the Customs responded to media enquiries last year, it alleged that the “NOT MADE IN CHINA” and “ASTM Level 1” labels on the relevant mask packaging were “suspected of false origin and efficacy claims.” However, in the summons issued by the court to the relevant units, the complaint did not mention the origin claim.

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