Selligent Marketing Cloud Boosts Customer Engagement with New Smart Subject Capabilities

AI drives marketing subject line optimization, saves time and boosts performance

BRUSSELS, Belgium and NASHVILLE, USA, May 24, 2022, the intelligent omnichannel marketing automation platform and brand of CM Group, today announced the launch of Smart Subject – an AI-based feature for optimizing individual subject lines to improve campaign performance and reduce the marketer’s manual work in subject line creation. Developed alongside a range of other new AI capabilities, Smart Subject helps brands stand out in a crowded inbox and improve personalized marketing in different languages.

With Smart Subject, marketers can send the optimal subject line to every contact in their segment. To do this, they use the following functions:

  • Automatic adjustment of the subject line: The Selligent engine uses natural language processing and finds the optimal subject line for each contact.
  • Immediate feedback: Smart Subject can determine what percentage of a segment will respond positively, allowing marketers to make adjustments and create variations before scheduling a campaign.
  • Virtual Profiles: AI creates a virtual profile of words and phrases that have already engaged individual contacts, allowing for optimization in the future.
  • Multi-language support: Smart Subject supports all EU languages ​​within a single interface and provides feedback on what works best in which language.

Smart Subject enables marketers to optimize their customer engagement and gain a competitive advantage. The feature was designed to provide marketers with significant time savings and new capabilities only achievable through AI-driven natural language processing. Smart Subject ensures more efficient workflows while improving performance. AI-powered one-to-one optimization means using the phrases and words that increase open rates for target segments. With instant feedback before an email is even sent, Smart Subject helps marketers keep up with their customers.

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“Email is an important link for customers and prospects, but campaign improvement can be frustrating without the right tools. We provide AI-driven decision making that helps marketers reach each customer with more effective messages while reducing manual work ” said Ben Burns, senior product marketing manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud. “Smart Subject automatically improves campaign relevancy across languages ​​and at the individual level, so each recipient gets the best possible message – and so marketers get the best possible results.”

About Selligent Marketing Cloud
Selligent, a brand of the CM Group, is an intelligent omnichannel marketing automation platform. The dynamic technology platform delivers data insights that enable companies to create personalized and valuable customer relationships. This leads to convincing results on all channels. With teams in Europe and the United States and a global network of partners, Selligent’s mission is to make marketing personal. More than 700 global brands across retail, travel & hospitality, media, entertainment & publishing, and financial services trust Selligent to execute their marketing programs. For more information, see www.selligent.comalternatively you can contact our team via Twitteror LinkedInrecord or ours Blogread.

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