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Home Sport Semak: Krasnodar, like Moscow clubs, surpasses the rest

Semak: Krasnodar, like Moscow clubs, surpasses the rest

Semak: Krasnodar, like Moscow clubs, surpasses the rest

                                    / RPL

Zenit head coach Sergey Semak shared expectations from the match of the 10th round of the championship of Russia with "Krasnodar".

Krasnodar, like Moscow clubs, is superior to the rest. We will face an interesting team, it will be a good game. For us there is no difference with whom to play. Much depends on your own game "Zenith". “Krasnodar” is a very good team, ”said Semak on the TV channel“ Match Premier ”.

Meeting "Zenith" – "Krasnodar" is held in St. Petersburg at the same stadium and began at 16:30. "Championship" conducts text online broadcast of the match.

After nine rounds, Zenit and Krasnodar are neighbors in the standings. Zenit is leading with 22 points. Krasnodar has 19 points, and the club takes the 2nd place.


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