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Semitism. Like a stale air of the 1930s

Once is not customary, we can agree with Christophe Castaner to say that "anti-Semitism spreads like a poison, like a gall". The Minister of the Interior drew Monday, a record without appeal anti-Semitic acts, which increased by 74% in 2018 (541 identified, against 311 in 2017). This weekend, especially, a peak was reached in ignominy.

Saturday, the showcase of the Parisian restaurant Bagelstein was tagged with a "juden" (Jews, in German). On Monday, one of the trees planted in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (Essonne) in memory of Ilan Halimi, a young Jewish man kidnapped and tortured in 2006 because of his religious affiliation, was found sawed. The same day, two portraits of Simone Veil, a former Holocaust survivor minister, drawn on the occasion of her pantheonization in 2018 by artist C215 on two letter boxes, were covered with swastikas; the seat of the World ("Micron Rothschild", the "whore of the universal youtrerie"), the center of Paris ("Macron Jews' Bitch", or "Jewish whore" in English) ("Jewish sow") were tagged .

The spokesman of the government, Benjamin Griveaux, defended Monday on France 2 of any "amalgam" … while affirming that it is often "in margin of these processions" of yellow vests, where "a part of extreme left and a part of the extreme right is mingled ", that one" finds these anti-Semitic inscriptions ". And to return back to back, with the same impulse, extreme right and extreme left to their "difficulties to say that they (they) condemned the violence without any ambiguity" … An umpteenth accusation which provoked strong reactions.

A worrying resurgence of all racisms

Yesterday morning, on France info, Alexis Corbière condemned these acts, in the wake of the first secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure, or his mentor, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, according to which these tags "express the murderous stupidity endless racist prejudices ". Then the member of France rebellious has scratched Benjamin Griveaux, who "takes the opportunity to make political politics." Anti-Semitism is "not a tool to try to dirty political opponents", unless it is "trivialized," he warns. Questioned by Humanity, PCF MP Pierre Dharréville goes further. Noting a "worrying recrudescence of all racisms that seek to express themselves", he calls for "fighting them and pushing them back". Especially since the context is the "resurgence of a number of far-right currents seeking to be structured in the territories. We must oppose them a republican reconquest. In the Hemicycle, as initiated by the commission of inquiry on the fight against extreme right-wing violence, but also on the ground. It is no coincidence that "a number of local PCF have been tagged (swastikas, Celtic crosses, abbreviations SS – ed), in recent days," as in Vienna (Isère), notes Pierre Dharreville.

"When the social crisis is strong," says the PCF national secretary, Fabien Roussel, in a statement, "the far right is agitated and tries to divert the popular exasperation towards his identity, ethnic or religious obsessions." Thus the spokesman of the National Rally, Sébastien Chenu, while uttering the words "these barbaric acts, whatever the places of worship and the faith concerned", he focuses on the degradations of churches, accusing "opinion makers" of "choosing the honorable victims … and the others, who can be left in the shadows". Even in this context, "identity" matters …


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