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Semitrailer was stopped only after nearly 20 minutes Geisterfahrer races in full frenzy with truck over highway

Horror on the highway!

, There he was on the fast lane, changed at the intersection of Darmstadt on the A5 and continued to accelerate.

Again and again it came to dangerous situations with oncoming vehicles.

A car crashed into the side of the truck. The 32-year-old woman at the wheel and the man next to her were slightly injured. Several cars drove over lying debris.

Estimated damage: tens of thousands of euros!

The truck driver did not care about the accident or the blue lights and the sirens of the police cars that accompanied him. Only after about 21 kilometers Ghost ride on the highway the man stopped his tractor and got out.

The 47-year-old was arrested. In the driver's cabin, the police found two bottles of whiskey-one empty, the other half full.



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