Senate approves US$60 million loan for the agricultural sector | AlMomento.Net

The senators in session this Wednesday.

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Senate approved in a single discussion a loan contract for 60 million dollars to finance a project to strengthen the agricultural sector “with a technological and sustainable approach.”

The project has been called “Support and Financing Plan for Small and Medium Producers” and it will be executed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Initiative 018-31, approved in the Chamber of Deputies, had 19 votes in favor of the 27 senators present at the session on Wednesday.

Despite the fact that the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) bench prevailed, the senator of the National District, Faride Raful, voted against the project.

The piece was signed on August 4, 2022 between the Dominican Republic and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI).

Before its approval, opposition senators expressed their dissatisfaction with the loan, assuring that it will not be invested in the field.