Senator Busse convenes advisory board for inclusion

At the invitation of Education Senator Astrid-Sabine Busse, the new Advisory Board for Inclusion was constituted today. The Advisory Board on Inclusion has the task of constructively advising the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family in the further implementation process for inclusive schools in Berlin. Its composition is intended to ensure that as many players and interest groups as possible, as well as science, are heard in this process. Mario Dobe was appointed as the new chairman of the Inclusion Advisory Board. Mario Dobe brings a wide range of experience from school practice (as a teacher, headmaster, school board) and from administration (as a former head of the inclusion department) and has been familiar with and connected to the inclusive school in Berlin for many years.

Astrid-Sabine Busse, Senator for Education, Youth and Family: “When it comes to inclusion, it is important to me to receive constructive advice from many people with different skills, experiences and perspectives. Because the implementation of the inclusive idea is a complex process. That’s why I naturally involve the representatives of people with disabilities, numerous committees, parents’ representatives, school management, educators and scientists in the Advisory Board for Inclusion. I rely on participation and openness in dealing with each other.”

In its new composition, the advisory board has 23 members, including the chairman. It is made up of the state representative for people with disabilities, representatives of the state advisory board for people with disabilities, science, trade unions, welfare associations and school management associations, as well as representatives of the state school advisory board, the state parents’ committee, the educational staff, the state student committee and of the State Youth Welfare Committee.

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