Senator Graham proposes to radically change the asylum law: it should be requested outside the US | Univision News Immigration


The proposal seeks to eliminate the request for asylum on US soil and move it to the countries of origin of the migrants. "There will be no more asylum requests at the border if you come from Central America," It is the first point of your project. "In the future, you can apply for asylum in Central America, but you have to do it in a US consulate in your country of origin," he added. So far, the law stipulates that the asylum seeker You can be and remain in US territory while your case is processed and you have a final decision.

Then, the senator continued with his proposal to attend the massive arrival of unaccompanied minors to the border: it includes another reform for allow them to be returned to their country. "It's a gap in the law that we can close."

His third suggestion would also contemplate a change in immigration laws: he wants extend the period of detention of families from 20 days to 100, He considers that so few days are an incentive for undocumented immigrants to consider coming to the United States.

"We released the family after 20 days, in Central America the word is that if you come with a minor your probability of being deported is null, your court date is in years and we release them in our country," he claims. This generates, according to Graham, "a perfect storm on the border."

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"If we do these four things, the incentive created by our laws will cease to exist and this humanitarian crisis will be accommodating by itself," he says.

The Senator's proposal is made at a time when the immigration authorities claim to be living an "unprecedented humanitarian crisis" on the border. They have explained incessantly that the processing centers of the Border Patrol and detention of the Immigration and Customs Service (ICE) are overflowing and that dozens of officials of these and other federal agencies are being transferred to the border to meet the requests of migrants. .

For President Donald Trump, the construction of a border wall is the way out to prevent the entry of undocumented immigrants. Graham says that no wall will stop them and insist on legal reforms.

The bill was introduced a day after the advisers to the president, Stephen Miller and his son-in-law Jared Kushner visited the Capitol to summarize to the senators the main points of an immigration plan in which the two have been working, that the president It aims to unveil this Thursday and that, for now, only has Republican support.

Graham said he is willing to work with senators from both parties to reach an agreement on immigration matters, provided that his four central ideas are incorporated into a new project.

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