Send your name with the “Artemis I” mission to the Moon

to mission”Artemis I” is about to take off bound for the Moon, to begin the tests that will make it possible for humanity to land on the Moon. moon surface.

NASA wants you to accompany her on this adventure, which means only the beginning of the conquest of space, which is why she invites you to send your name, which will travel on the Orion ship very soon. Check the basics here.

How to send your name to the Moon?

As is its custom, NASA involves the population interested in learning about space updates, so on this occasion, it invites anyone and everyone interested in sending their name so that they can set foot on the Moon, hand in hand with the mission “Artemis I”, what is needed?

It is actually very simple, you just have to access here and register:

Facts about the Artemis I mission

This mission is especially important, as it will inaugurate the explorations that will pave the way for women to reach the Moon for the first time and for men to visit it again.

This is an expedition that will reach the lunar deep space exploration systems. This first test will be evaluated remotely, which is why it is called a mission “unmanned”.

When “Artemis I” takes off, it will be propelled by the Space Launch System (SLS), the most powerful rocket ever built, and it is not surprising, since this will be the first time that a spacecraft reaches a distance of 80,000 miles, which that will take Artemisa to travel for a period of between four to six weeks. It will also remain on the lunar surface like no other mission has done.

“This is a mission that will really do what has not been done and learn what is not known”said Mike Sarafin, mission manager “Artemis I“from NASA.

The next step to follow, before this launch materializes, will be a series of tests dedicated to studying the operation of the propellant in the rocket tanks and its drainage, which will take place this Saturday, June 18.

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There will also be a rehearsal of the countdown to launch day. And the most incredible thing of all is that you will be able to follow step by step, since the space agency will televise each one of the activities, through

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