One of Scotland's highest-ranking detectives was assigned to direct the investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Alex Salmond.

Detective Chief Superintendent Lesley Boal was deployed to lead the probe with unprecedented resources, the Sunday Mail said.

As head of Public Protection for Scotland, Boal is a highly respected figure in Police Scotland.

Lord Advokat James Wolffe – the head of the Scottish prosecutor's office – is also expected to refrain from investigating fears that his involvement as a member of the Scottish government would compromise him.

Alex Salmond said that yesterday He was & # 39; happy & # 39; to talk to cops Investigation of the harassment claims against him.

The former Prime Minister is confronted with allegations of sexual harassment by two women.

In a statement, the law firm of Mr. Salmond Levy & McRae said: "Mr. Salmond is focusing on the petition for judicial review against the Scottish Government, which is now running at the Court of Session.

"We had no contact from police Scotland.

"However, we have written to the Chief Constable, who makes it clear that our client will be happy to meet with his officer if they want to speak with Mr Salmond in any future matter."

Earlier this week, it was announced that Police Scotland has expanded its investigation into a full investigation into the allegations against Mr Salmond.


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